Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Who will benefit from the end of the Cold War?


This article is taken from the Russian news agency RiaNovosti, and tells of how the Russians still mistrust America, 20 years after the cold war ended.

"Many people responsible for political decisions in Russia do not believe in the possibility of honest and practical cooperation with America even in the traditional areas of collaboration, mentioned when they need to project a positive tone, like the fight against terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation, poverty, or global warming. There is always rivalry in these spheres, and it always dominates cooperation. As for other areas of potential cooperation, prejudice and mistrust do not even allow for the launching of a constructive dialog."

I thought it was an interesting article after reading this section, and it tells a lot of how Russia still sees itself as a major power alongside America. It goes on to say that Russia is not yet ready to open up investment and business to the United States, as well as the western powers, and this only hurts Russian trade. The Russian people are being told that all things American are wrong and should be avoided, yet it is the same people that are suffering from this policy.

"At the same time, infighting for kickbacks from corruption prevents the development of predictable and understandable rules . . . Russia has no such rules, and everything here depends on the current political climate, the official who holds this or that post, his/her plans for a business, and God only knows what else."

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