Monday, 26 October 2009

Cuba Denounces US Radio and Television Aggression

This news article covers the story that aggressive information against Cuba was broadcasted from US radio and television before the Fourth Commission of the UN General Assembly. It is taken from the Cuban News Agency, ACN.

The article explains that out of 23 stations which broadcast to Cuba from the US, 18 belong to organisations that are linked to terrorists that operate in US territory with the approval of US federal authorities. According to the article US Congress supports these broadcasts by annually spending more than 30 million dollars on them for the purpose of promoting subversion and encouraging hatred in Cuba.

I chose this article as I find it disturbing that US Congress actively supports illegal aggressive radio and television broadcasts against Cuba. The lack of objectivity and balance in these broadcasts are concerning and reminiscent of propaganda. Expanding this point on a wider scale, it is difficult to trust the media in general. The public depend on the news to inform them of events but it is hard to know whether news is being presented fairly, especially with the knowledge that news can easily be controlled and edited to fit an agenda.

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