Monday, 26 October 2009

Letter from Casco, Maine, During King Philip's war

The account I found was written by a English settler in maine in 1676, during King Philips war. King Philips war was fought in new England, primarily on the maine frontier, between English colonists and native Americas and is considered to be one of the worst wars of its time due to numbers that lost their lives. The author of the letter talks about the number of colonists that are killed and how the distance between dwellings makes protecting themselves and sharing information difficult. This is demonstrated by the following quote; “On Friday last in the morning your own son with your two sons in Law Anthony and Thomas Bracket and their whole families were killed and taken by the Indians, we know no how, tis certainly known by us that Thomas is slain and his wife and children carried away captiue, and of Anthony and his family we haue no tidings and therefore think that thay might be captivated the night before because of the remoteness of their habitation from neighborhood,” Whats particularly interesting about the account is how the native Americans are portrayed and was is omitted. Whilst they did kill a number of colonists, the natives themselves suffered much heavier losses as a result of the conflict.

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