Sunday, 11 October 2009

Positive and Negative images of America

For me, a unique aspect of American culture is its peoples reverence for the ‘American Dream’ and in my opinion nothing captures that ideal like the Statue of Liberty. The fact that the statue was built as a monument celebrating America’s signing of the declaration of independence, signifies for me the Americans prevailing sense of optimism, that people are entitled to liberty and freedom, as well as a prosperous life. I find the concept of the American dream and the fact that so many people believe in it a hugely positive part of American culture. The fact that it empowers people so much that they believe that anybody is capable of succeeding in life is uplifting!

In my opinion one of the most negative aspects of American culture is its stance on weapon ownership and availability. To me it seems backward to still allow people the ‘right to bear arms’ as is written in the bill of rights. Guns cause so many problems and misery in today’s America which could be greatly reduced if America were to rethink its standpoint on firearms. To me, the iconic image of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in the cafeteria of columbine school where they shot dead over a dozen people before killing themselves really captures the extent of the issue and the pain that is caused. Whats worst is that anti gun legislation still didn’t make it through government even immediately after the tragedy, which brings you to wonder how many more people are going to have to suffer before anything changes?

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