Sunday, 4 October 2009

Positive and negative images of America

This image signifies my positive view of America. It may just be a desert road but this simple photograph represents to me how America is essentially a vast and majestic land, a blank canvas that invites a rich mixture of religions, races and cultures to begin their journey. Founded on the basis of freedom for all, America thrives on diversity.

This iconic image signifies my negative view of America. The 9/11 attacks are widely believed to have changed the world. However, when I see this image, I do not just remember the catastrophic disaster as several other images are also struck in my mind. I think of George W. Bush's presidency consumed with lies. I think of Fox News presenting these lies as truth. And I think of the media silencing those who believe otherwise. This image reminds me to look beyond the evidence that we see and question the evidence we do not see.

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