Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New York Considered And Improved 1695

This is an account by reverend John Miller in 1695 on how to improve New York City, as well as mention other issues he felt were of a concern. I decided to choose this article because it tells something of the way people were thinking in those times. What is the most interesting is not that he lists the problems out, but then goes about writing how to solve them. He breaks the problems down into
1. the wickedness & irreligion of the inhabitants
2. want [lack] of ministers
3. difference of opinions in religion
4. a civil dissension
5. the heathenism of the Indians
6. the neighborhood of Canada

He later refers to the Indians and how "the Heathenism of the natural Indians who here in the very heart of a Christian country practice their barbarous & devilish customs & modes of worship...," I find it interesting how he can believe it is their wrong for practicing a belief in their own country, let alone calling it devilish. Anther point that interests him greatly is his plan for the resettlement of Canada by the British, going into detail about how that invasion might play out.

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