Monday, 26 October 2009

New America!

When I think of a 'new' or 'exceptional' America, I first thought of the 2008 Presidential election.

This is when in America, and the rest of the world; a great drive appears, as if every four years the country is divided into seperate pools where each 'swimmer' shares a common cause or feeling towards a certain subject. Surely, this is the same with every country when a general election comes around, but, with the USA's mighty media industry, the whole process is excelled.

However, if there has ever been a reason to be overly excited for an election, it would to be that of 2008. This election was driven by powerful keywords, such as: 'Hope' and 'Change'; a hope for a new, brighter, accepting, America; and a change from the days of Bush's right-wing.

De Crevecouer asked what this 'new man' was, and I hope that it is a man that can spurr the world forward, forge new alliances, and correct the wrongs of the recent years.

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