Thursday, 8 October 2009

Positive and Negative Images of America

My possitive image is of the Capitol
Building, where Congress is housed. The two chambers of the US Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives.

I chose this as a positive image b
ecause I believe that the USA has an almost sound poltical system. While this may not seem as a truly amazing thing, such as the USA's natural beauty or the inspiring image of the moon landing in 1969; without Congress's backing, niether of these could be achieved.

Congress, and the Federal Government, have ownership over the US's many nature preserves and only recently passed legislation to fund research into hydrogen-powered transport. They have also begun to debate a brand new climate change policy, The United States is "now ready to lead" on climate change, said President Obama when news of this new bill came about in April this year.

Without Congress, the moon US moon landing may not have taken place as early as 1969. After the Soviet Union flipped off the US with the launching of Sputnik in 1957 House Committee on Science and Technology which would go on to spend federal funds on the creation of a cosmonaught programme.

My negative picture represents the US's wasteful nature. While it may be all very well that Congress is trying to pass bills on climate change and tackling bio-fuels; but in the end, it is American culture that will have to change. It is this wastefullness of their own resources, that leads them to selfishness and conflicts with other countries over soverignty of resources out of the USA's jurisdiction.

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