Monday, 26 October 2009

new america

The website i found that demonstrates the idea of America as new is a self improvement and personal evolution website. The idea that a person can completely reinvent themselves and become anything they want seems to be part of the american psyche that has evolved over time. Even in De Crevecouer's letters, he talks about how a person can come to America and succeed and prosper. He uses the metaphor of a plant to put across his ideals; "Every thing has tended to regenerate them: new laws, a new mode of living, a new social system; here they become men: in Europe they were as so many useless plants, wanting vegitative mould, and refreshing showers; they withered, and were mowed down by want, hunger, and war; but now by the power of transplantation, like all other plants they have taken root and flourished!". The modern day equivalent of this is shown in the numerous different self improvement books, groups and websites like this one that exist in america, which all talk of new beginnings.

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