Monday, 24 May 2010

Week Twelve: The Typification of "Drill, Baby, Drill"

Ya know if there were ever three words in successive order that would solve pretty much everyone of lifes problems, then it's "Drill, Baby, Drill." Profoundly potent, yet impenatrably sound in wisdom and Global Resource Preservation...and Stuff, they will ensue our Planets Reserve for generations to come and keep happiness in stock for as long as we need it, just knowing we always have enough.
But where we, that's right, the Oil issue...yes this must be drilled too...and I mean now damn it. We must drill like we've never drilled before, and after we're done we must drill some more.
For Oil is good, Oil is our friend, Oil will see us through 'till the very end. Hey that was pretty good, I just thought of that. For the future depends on our unlimited supply of Oil...Can't you see? Sure we don't pour it on our Corn Flakes, like we do Maple Sirrup in the morning, but, and it's a good but, if Oil were say a Pint of Guinness, not just any Pint of Guinness, but like a really nice Pint of Guinness, made from say filtered hops of Oil, instead of all that black sticky stuff that washes up on shore every now and again, I know I would definitely purchase a very nice Pint of "Guinness Oil", before leaving "The Barrell Inn" and rambling home for some of Mammys Shepards Pie. For Mammys are great for the Shepards Pie, and Mammys and Shepards Pies are also our friends. For they fill us up and make our tummies all better again when we're sick and not feeling very well. Yes...Mammys rock. But of course, Off-Shore Drilling and its necessity to our lovely Planet. Oil is one of our most precious commodities and must be garnished at all costs. Even if that means drilling deeper than ever before, and in Oceans that, and lets be realistic, there are no houses built on and there is no one walking wondrous Doggies on Side-Walks nearby. And wondrous Doggies are very wondrous, and are also, that's right...our friends. Some of the worlds leading Deepwater Drilling Contractors are currently hard at work drilling us some fine Ocean bedrock to keep our resources in towe. For instance, based in Houston, Texas, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., a foremost Deepwater Drilling Company, owning and operating one of the largest fleets of Offshore Drilling Units in the world, consisting of a diverse inventory of 32 Semisubmersibles, 14 Jack-Ups and one dynamically positioned Drillship, has comprised a reutation on top of more than four decades of global drilling experience.
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The worlds largest Offshore Drilling Contractor Transocean currently holds nineteen of the past twenty-three world records for bedrock drilling in the deepest ocean waters.
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And of course, when all this drilling and penatrating is over why not take a leaf from Alaska's favourite daughter Miss Sarah, and have a well earned day out at America's most purest form of Sports Entertainment - Nascar baby, where, if you're not might just find yourself getting sucked right back into work again on "Them there" Pit-Roads.
Changin' tires of course....

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