Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Week Eleven: Declinisim In America - Good Night, God Bless & Safe Home...

The Grayscaling Monochromatic genre of the 1950's Communist Witch-hunt...surgically inserting its heat-embowling scapula deep within the nations Congressional Anals of Political Power, layering away the Adipose of often decent, non-associating Servants of history, in attempt to somehow prove some frivilous point of long forgotten, and/or irrevertant brush of mishap with left-wing Sympathizing Entities of the common distrust...or even any at all...reflects a once insighting instillment of fear and paranoia...in an Nation of Wondrous Saturday morning..."Howdy Doody Time" and "Memories Are Made of This". If still in any awe and wonderment of these Cryptic Sentiments....then lets decode. Likened to the Grande Olde days of the Salem Witch-Trials when only a finger was only ever enough, to send your longtime neighbour down Cherry Tree road, for a Swingin' ol' time, or even...non-hallucinagenic Stoning, because it happened to rain the evening before, just as he stepped out onto his poarch. Either way...a hot time in thee olde tavern tonight. U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy out of Wisconson...and his bottled brand of New and even easier than ever before to unscrew -"McCarthyism", and merry band of Sherwood's Finest Oversight Commity...were all a glow on the idea of Additional Camera time, whenever it came to the big 'C'. So what, if Saturday mornings would never be same again...
There'd still be a -"Whole lotta shakin goin'on." for those apples to fall and 'Them there' dancin' teddie bears to have their picnics crashed, honey-sirrup drained...and Cheese Sandwitchs eaton...Mmmm..yes..
In the words of Hannibal Smith - "I love it when a plan comes together.."
Directed by George Clooney, "Good Night...and Good Luck" takes a good hard look at this title-wave of time in an America...once too afraid to speak out in constructive opposition...or even any other form of opposition at all, for that matter...against this Character damning Medium of Communist Affiliation, known only on the grocery shelves of America's Foodways as - "Not right now, honey...it's just a bit of neck pain...and besides Jaspers got that Dental appointment tomorrow at Doctor Henries."
Followed Stratigically by "You know he can't miss it...he's such a lovely man too...and ever so nice to Jasper..." And rolling over...in knodding compliance...wondering why the Gates of Jericho aren't opening for buisness this evening...arrives the only reactional response...a man can instinctively shelter himself under..."Sure honey...you're right...I know." What were you thinking...right.
So when the lavastorm..(For lack of, yes another residue of Storm...beginning with the letter 'S')..Comes-a-swirling down on The Senators best laid plans for purifying the land of all Defectors to the cause, time's..indeed-a-waistin', and so The Senate Subcommities focus lands on Edward R. Murrow (David Stratharin)..for yet another Ribbon Round thee Olde Oak tree.
Poor little Jasper...
So what of the countries present state of modernity...and its relevence to a declined Financial, Social and perhaps even moral standpoint. The Sleeper Issues of the 2010 Elections...http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/american-decline
From The New Republic...

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