Friday, 19 March 2010

Native American Tribes - Southern Ute

This is the flag for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe who are based in Colorada State. The Southern Utes Tribe are part of a larger group of tribes collectively known at the Utes. Whilst describing the history of the tribes and how they ended up in Colorado, no mention is made of them moving there under any duress and if the reader did not know any better, could easily be under the impression that the Utes moved and developed their way of life of their own accord. According to the website, the SOuthern Ute Tribe appears to be extremely well organised, with a casino and a number of active community projects. The Southern Ute Tribe is considered to be one of the more financially prosperous tribes with assets of over $4 million for it's 11,000 members. Some of this is attributed to Leonard Burch, former tribe leader who died in 2003.

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