Friday, 26 March 2010

Crash - Review, and Personal Reflection

L.A.'s Race-and Traffic-Problems Face Off in Paul Haggis' Crash

This is an incredibly disparaging and chastising review of "Crash". The reviewer, Andrew Sarris, appears to be simply 'knit-picking' when it comes to the faults that he finds in the film. A fine example of Sarris' aggrevating reaction to the film would be "[after writing about the two car jackers, and their individual endings] ...And speaking of disbelief, the film manages to keep the hotheaded Iranian shopkeeper from killing anyone by a stroke of what I can only describe as fairy-tale magic. Again, one has to see it to disbelieve it"


HE WANTED THE LITTLE GIRL TO DIE?! If that had happened, and there were real bullets in that gun over the blanks that were really in it then... my god that would be one depressing film. That's another bizzare interporatation that I've found from critics, that Crash has some 'relieving comedy aspects' in it.... which is like the critics stating that "Slumdog Milionare" and "Up" are 'feel good' movies.

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