Thursday, 11 March 2010

Latino Immigration Issues

There are a variety of pro Latino immigration websites that aim to prevent negative attitudes of immigration by emphasising a Mexican work ethic including BEYOND THE BORDER the accompanying website for a documentary film that traces four sons who leave their close-knit family in Mexico to seek a better life in the US. Issues such as immigrant deaths due to hazardous conditions while trying to cross the border and how millions Mexican-born people living in the US are undocumented is presented in this website and there is a suggestion that Congress should push a "guest worker program, wherein Mexican workers could freely come and go across the border but would not be allowed to stay in the US permanently". Mexican immigrants are reflected neutrally in the 'Immigration Issues' section: "many Mexicans work in the United States to help support their families south of the border". This can be perceived pessimistically in the sense that Mexican immigrants drain the US economy for the Mexican economy's profit but I believe this statement applies to the principle of the American Dream as their intentions for immigrating to the US is purely to provide a better life for their families, not to live a life of luxury.

Comparatively, Coalition Against Illegal Immigration is an anti Latino immigration website that encourages a coalition of bloggers to "fight against illegal immigration". In the post 'Rush cashes in on Democrat demonizing', the opinion of Mexican immigration is set in stark contrast to that of BEYOND THE BORDER as it is adversely stated that "For some reason, Americans have this romantic vision of hard working Mexicans fleeing their native land to find a better life in the US" and "the reality is that all illegal immigrants have broken our laws by illegally entering this nation". Mexican immigrants are referred to as "criminals" and this appears to be the main gripe of bloggers from this website. This however does not take into account the reasons why they flee to the US and the hostile tone of this post makes the validity of this argument questionable.

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