Thursday, 4 March 2010

Assimilation and Separatism - Hurricane Katrina

Life after the hurricane

Both of these articles come from the website The Website is called "Black Voices" and is an online lifstyle magazine for the black community. Alhough the whole website is not devoted to Hurricane Katrina, a simple search brings up a number of articles particularly around the aftermath.

The article I have chosen contains a number of videos of black people talking about their feelings. As the author says at the beginning, the media has been quick to portray the black community of New Orleans as "alternately violent during the heat of the tragedy and passive during its rebuilding". The videos portray a very different view of the black community and illustates a number of people who are positive about their future. Some are questioning government and certain aspects that have not been publicly discussed, however the majority are definately not passive during the rebuilding of the area.

The majority of the articles on the site show the black community in a positive light and seem to have almost "ignored" the race issues raised by Kanye West. This seems to be an almost Martin Luther King way of dealing with matters rather than fighting and raising any concerns around race wars. The only article that I found on the site which even alludes to the Kanye West school of thought was at the bottom of the page which discusses an article written in another magazine.

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