Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wk 2 women in the workplace

This magazine, 'Working Woman', was launched sometime in the early 1980's during what is often referred to as the second wave of feminist thinking, and demonstrates the changing position of women within the workplace. The title alone suggests a shift in attitudes towards women working, but the features e.g "bailing out the men on your team" and "when im on an oilrig im the boss" allude to a significant change in womens role within society in general. The fact they're talking about bailing out male colleagues suggests a sense of superiority that would not have been evident 20 years ago. Equally, the article that focuses on the female oil rig boss how different areas within the working world had opened up for women by the 1980's. That said, the woman on the cover is still overtly feminine, with styled hair, red lipstick, jewellry etc, which gives the impression that appearance and femininity was still an important to factor to women within the workplace.

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