Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Contemporary Masculinity in America - Men's Health

Mens Health is a US based magazine that began life in 1987 as a health based magazine before changing fairly quickly into a 'lifestyle' magazine, addressing issues that are supposedly important to modern american men, including; fitness, women, nutrition, grooming and weightloss. With a readership of almost 2 million in America it suggests that these issues do indeed resound with a large number of modern men in America.
The fact the magazine offers advice on such things as how to style your hair, finding a fragrance to suit your personality and how to accessorize your outfits suggests that todays american men have moved away from the stereotype of an 'all american man' being macho and uninterested in appearance etc. Instead, the articles suggest that mens priorities have changed and that what defines masculinity has also changed, making things such as grooming and dieting acceptable and even desirable as a way of displaying your masculinity.

However the magazine also shows that modern men havn't completely moved away from the traditional ideal of the american man. For instance the magazine focuses heavily on fitness and health, promoting the idea that being physically fit and strong is desirable. It also has sections showing attractive women which is common among other magazines that supposedly appeal to the traditional stereotype of american men.

Mens Health shows that men are still interested in what are typically thought of as 'manly' things such as fitness but have become more open to things traditionally associated with women, such as taking time choosing clothes and grooming etc.

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