Thursday, 18 February 2010

Week Two - From Then To Now

This second image is really one that defines an era when hair rock bands walked the earth to graze off rebelious and impressionable teenagers who were simply too cool to have dinner with their parents at the same table and time they did every evening, displaying mullets to reinforce dizziness and deluisions of teen groupies who stand in line everynight to worship at the alter of cheese and Rio Speedwagon of course, shoulder-padded office coats for him and her, (all matching sizes and colours in stock, more coming in tomorrow sir) When white jeans were wore in public spaces - proudly of course and there were always ninety-nine red beloons in the sky everytime you looked up for romantic inspiration. Oh Im sorry, didn't I mention the Breakfast Club with the cast of those who were once around. On the brighter side, the 80's weren't all bad. It did give us Back To The Future I and II, the first five Wrestlemania's and of course U2's Critically aclaimed Rockumentrey Rattle & Hum, followed by accompaning, groundbreaking, sell out world tour of America and everywhere else on the planet and Joshua Tree album that kicked it all off. Pheeeww, anyway, where were we? That's right - eighties women in the workplace. The overhead frame you see is, of course, from the movie that really defined the female ambition of this decade, it is Mike Nichol's 1988's Working Girl.

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