Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Outside the Norm

I've chosen as my 'Historical' choice, the Quakers! After initially ariving in America in 1680, they formed the colony of Pennsylvania, I prosume named after its founder William Penn. The quakers have never been percieved in the USA with the highest of the of esteem. It could almost be said they fled to America due to them being persecuted in almost every country in Europe. Quaker (or the Religious Society of Friends) beleif comes derrives from Christianity, but they don't practically follow the Bible, members of the faith are allowed to percieve their own intepretations of God, and what he/she believed in. This, obviously, didn't go down too well with 17th century Europe, being highly ran, almost dominated by the motives of both the Protestant and Catholic Church, so they came to America to 'start again'.

While they've lived in America for centuries, they are still persecuted for the same reasons... being 'un-goddly'.

For my 'contemporary' choice, Trekkies, or the representation of 'Geek-dom' everywhere. First really coming about when the fandom of the TV programme Star Trek first aired, in 1966. 'Geeks' have always been viewed in social culture with a highly negative opinion. Prone to bullying and detrmental treatment all together, they are shunned for their image of being 'accidentaly weird', yet, the stereotype goes that they have an impressive intellect, but awefull social skills.

While 'Geeks' aren't the most pressing of minorities in American life, they do count as an 'Other' in the overal culture.

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