Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Gun control argument

For the argument of pro-gun control, I have chosen a website for gun owners, Keep and Bear Arms. This website serves as a forum for gun owners to express their support for the Second Amendment and their right to maintain their ability to protect themselves from anyone that would do them harm by owning a gun. Their point of view is understandable, especially when applying the American principles of freedom and personal liberty to their belief. The website aims to justify their ownership of guns to the anti-firearm media and educate people about every American's right to Second Amendment freedoms.

For the argument of anti-gun control I have selected the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence website. This campaign strives to stop potential killers from obtaining guns in the first place. To do this, the campaign aims to pass laws such as requiring Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales. The problem with gun sales in America is that anybody can go into a shop or go on the internet and buy weapons from unlicenced sellers, no questions asked. This is a fair argument and does not condemn the ownership of guns completely, it rather ensures that the law is applied over every gun sale in America thereby preventing gun killing by convicted felons and the mentally ill on a large scale.

I believe that both websites offer a valid argument and the values of the Brady Campaign can work harmoniously with those who maintain their right to keep and bear arms. Considering the vastness of America, implementing strict gun control laws would be difficult to prove effective. However, the Brady Law aims to stop the mentally disturbed from obtaining guns in the first place and therefore if this law passed, the majority of gun owners would own guns for no other purpose than protection, a justified point of view in an American context.

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