Tuesday, 24 November 2009


CPR is a healthcare pressure group founded by Rick Scott, an healthcare industry executive, in the early part of this year. The group opposes president Obama's healthcare reforms mainly on economic terms, in that they feel that his reforms would result in them having to pay more, not less for their healthcare. One article on their website demonstrates their viewpoint well. Titled " Up is Down, Day is Night, and Obama care will lower your healthcare costs", the article clearly shows that the CPR dislike the reforms due to money issues, demonstrated by as such; " Yet the report from CMS, released Friday (thus, few people noticed), concludes that the $1.3 trillion government run public option health "reform" package recently passed in the house achieves exactly the opposite: the cost curve will indeed bend...upward. In fact, the report concludes that the total health care spending will actually increase by$239 billion under the legislation."

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